Practical Placement 2: Where Have We Gone

Hi everyone,

I know it has been a while since a written blog from me but in my defence my internship has been quite a challenge. In the best way possible of course, which is that I need to actually apply my knowledge in real time- in a company while working with experts in their fields. I am doing my placement in GE Healthcare in Uppsala and I must say that I really like my project, the people and the overall environment. GE have been so forthcoming in helping me with any areas I am unsure with by offering me as much support possible and I am excited to continue, despite all of the deadlines which are looming! As with our PP1 many of us have gone very different paths, some have moved abroad such as Italy, Switzerland and Germany, while most of us however have chosen to stay here in Sweden. I either work in the company in Uppsala or from home with a work computer, given how far away Uppsala is to travel everyday they were very accommodating. However some of my classmates go to the company everyday while others are working for startups or else do not have an office space so work from KI or coffeeshops. So yes it is quite varied!

I wanted to just list some of the companies we have all dispersed to with this placement, to give an idea of the variation and great level of exposure to great companies KI can give:

GE Healthcare

The Medicines company

Philips Healthcare




Biosync Technology AB

IMS Health

Aquila Biolabs


Stockholm Science City


As can be seen alot of variation which is great! Hope this post was interesting for those whom are thinking of applying. Admissions are now open for new applicants just so you all know.


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