CHASE 2014 – Careers in Health and Science Exposition

Just a week ago, on Wednesday 12th of November, the CHASE event took place. CHASE is a career fair that aims to inspire and help future employees. Students from all different backgrounds studying at KI were invited, for free, and many of us even had the day off to join.

So, what is CHASE?

As with any career fair, you could drop in around any time of the day to enjoy the stands different companies and organizations had set up. Some of the companies participating were:

  • AstraZeneca
  • Galderma S.A.
  • Hays Recruitment
  • Mettler-Toledo
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Roche
  • And many more…

In addition to this, there were organized presentations for specific companies that you had to book in advance. I went for example to the ones organized by Roche and Astra Zeneca. This last one was quite entertaining because it was based on a Q&A dynamics and it was really interesting to understand how they maintained the Swedish working culture, which is a bit different from the one in other countries.

During the day, different workshops were also organized. To attend these you had to register through Eventbrite, a really interesting event-managing system that allows you to have all your invitations on your phone. However, if the people who had booked did not show up in the end and you waited, you could get in some of them and enjoy the experience. The following workshops were offered this year:

  • Careers in the Life Sciences industry: Where do YOU belong?
  • You are here! But where are you going?
  • Your Personal brand – Create that all important, positive first impression using social media.

After the whole day walking around the stands and analyzing your future – always enlivened by sweet jelly beans! – a mingle session was organized. Also, around the stands you could find fun panels where you could answer questions like “when I was a kid I wanted to be…” and have a good laugh with some other people’s thoughts. In the beginning, I have to be honest, my plan was to just go in the morning, attend a couple of presentations, and walk around for 30 minutes and leave. Nevertheless, the event ended up being an all-day plan and I stayed from beginning to the end. It was a perfect day to chat with new people, and who knows, maybe someday a possible employer, or even with old friends you hadn’t seen in a while. So, ready to see what next year has planned for us, and you, future student, don’t hesitate to go to the event once you are here!

For more information about this CHASE event:

Everybody ready for Roche’s presentation.
Analyzing our posture at the Quick Posture stand.


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