Is winter coming? I do not know, but darkness is here

Although the days have been unusually warm and this autumn has been benign, the darkness does not care about the temperature. Maybe you have noticed it πŸ™‚

And maybe today you have been more tired than usual, you have find difficult to concentrate and wake up. If you think you will get used to this soon, I would be not that sure. Natural variation in each human being makes it different for each one. Please take notes of my advices, if you are feeling the effect of darkness.

  1. Follow the behavior of the locals: one person suggested me that many traditions have ground in real practical issues. So, you can check what food is more abundant in the super market, light some candles or lamps in the windows, etc. If you ask to the Swedes for sure they will give you some explanation of any of those traditions.
  2. Do not go home early. We, from tropical countries, are used to be sleepy few hours after sunset and if you do that you will be in your bed at 6 PM. Try to find activities that keep you awake, go to the cinema, study until late at KI, have a coffee, tea or something. The discipline has been important for me to survive this third dark season
  3. Go to the light room: Have you heard that at KI there is a room with some special light to help the body to replace the light currently not coming from the sun? In the library building find the front desk in the ground floor. Stand with the stairs to the library to your left and find the door with glass in the front right. Go inside and to the left is the “ljusroom”. You need to book time (this is something new because before November 3rd it was a drop-in service most of the time). You do not need to go every day. Last year I went 3 or 4 times only but I feel it like a “shot of light”. Bookings: Opening hours for students and staff. Mon-Fri 07:00-15:00
  4. Maybe you need some help with sleep disorders? The first approach could be applying these suggestions from the Student Health Centre
  5. Take care of your buddies: maybe you are not affected by the darkness but do not forget to check how your class mates are feeling. In my case, it has been important to have my wife supporting me (and for her is important having me). Your family in Sweden is your friends. Support them and get support from your peers.

But, of course, the people who could help you must is the one experienced in these seasonal changes. Ask for help, do’not let you be in a downwards spiral of sadness and maybe depression.

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