Should I apply for a masters in Global Health?

By now you have decided that you want to do your masters at Karolinska but you are not quite sure which course is best for you. I can’t speak for the other courses but here is some extra information about the Global Health course that you may not know. 

1. The Global Health masters is the only one year global masters programme at KI. For many of my classmates (and myself included) this was a huge deciding factor as many of us would have been unable to take more than one year away from our jobs, families or other general life commitments.

this is good

2. The majority of the class is made up of medical doctors with a sprinkling of other health professionals (pharmacists, speech therapists and dietitians) and social scientists. Speaking with one of my social science classmate the other day, she felt that she may not have applied to this course if she knew the ratio of medical doctors to other professions but saying that she is happy that she did apply. The class really benefits from having a mix of backgrounds. My advice to the ‘other’ (but equally awesome) professions who are thinking of applying for this course … go for it!


3. Our class is very international which really adds to our discussions as we are able to hear perspectives from around the world. We have  classmates from Myanmar, Pakistan, Uganda, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, the US, the UK and Sweden to name a few. Sadly we do have only a few Swedes in our class who have the responsibility of teaching us how to queue, how much coffee we should/must drink and songs about … well everything.


4. As a class we spend A LOT of time together. We don’t always get the opportunity to mingle as much as the other courses due to our intensive schedule but it does mean that we have become really close as a class.

Our first international picnic.
Our first international picnic.

5. Group work and class discussions are a big deal in Sweden. Personally it took some time to get use to the teaching style but now I really enjoy it.


If you have any questions about the programme please feel free to contact me via email or leave a comment below.

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