[Course Reflection Series One] Entrepreneurship in Life Science

Hi everyone, it is a while since my last post. Hope you had good time in October!

This blog is the first blog in the Course Reflection Series. In this series, I will give both basic introduction to my courses in MBE (Master program in Bioentrepreneurship) and personal reflection .

Let’s start with Entrepreneurship in Life Science, the first KI course we had. The purpose of this course is to lead us to think like an entrepreneur in the industry. There are three projects in this course, business idea project, scientific poster and peer review. The business idea project is group project, based on business modelling. The poster and peer review are combined, based on individual work.

For the business idea project, it works like 6 groups competing in a case competition. We need to identify a certain need in the market, and apply different models we have learned during lectures. The most important ones are NABE (Need-Approach-Benefit-Competition), SWOT analysis and CANVAS Model. It is the first time I work in a business modelling project, so I am very motivated to learn everything about it!  On October 21, we had the business idea presentation and it is really happy to see exciting ideas presenting by different groups. The winner won the golden coins!

Gold coin

As for the poster, it is very free in ideas and criteria. Our aim is to present the result of individual study on a chosen aspect of Bioentrepreneurship. In order to help us positioning the topic,  Hanna, our instructor, has invited plenty of guest lecturers on different perspectives of entrepreneurship. Topics cover life science market, intrapreneurship, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, dissemination etc. Most of these terms are new to us, which enlightens us to explore more in our individual study. On October 30, we had a poster exhibition on the main entrance of lecture building. I was very excited to see a lot of fantastic posters!


Do you wonder what Bioentrepreneurship really is? Follow my course refelection series !

To be continued.


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