MBE Second Internship Time!

I have just begun my second practical placement of the course! As some of you may remember I did my first placement in Kradle life sciences, which coincidentally was also in Uppsala (Is god trying to get me to move here?!). This internship lasts 12 weeks as opposed to our first internship which lasted only 5 weeks.

Both PP1 and PP2 internships were attained through Karolinska. However for our PP1 we did not have a choice for which company we wanted to go with, but for our PP2 we got to choose based on priority and I was lucky enough to get my first choice and it is in GE Healthcare in Uppsala.. I am now in my second day and so far so good. Everyone is really nice and has been very welcoming. The most important thing for me was the project which I shall do as part of this internship and whether I would find it interesting or not. Luckily for me it is of great interest to me and I look forward to the coming 12 weeks! I have included a video blog below also, which rehashes some of what I have just said but also mentions a bit about which other companies my classmates have started working with.


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