An Insight into Health Informatics

Over the past few months, since my admission to the Health informatics masters program at Karolinska Institutet, i have had to grapple with constantly answering two questions from friends and fellow students alike.”What program are you studying at KI?”,…which is usually followed up by,”What is health informatics?”….Making a quick flashback to this time last year,i seem to have had the same concerns though i had basic understanding of telemedicine and ehealth and knew health informatics was related to these fields.

This brings me to the first course i undertook at KI which was structured to provide answers and clarity on what health informatics is all about and scope of health informatics. Am going to highlight my personal understanding so far ,but will provide further personal insight on my experiences about the program on subsequent blogs.

Widerströmska huset lecture block for some HI courses
Widerströmska huset lecture block for some HI courses


What is Health informatics all about?

The first course we covered in the HI class was to provide an introductory information on the health informatics program including program structure and standards for scientific writing at Karolinska Institutet.Health sector in most parts of the world is still dependent on very unreliable paper based records management systems and coming from Uganda i have first hand experience of how expensive and inefficient  it can be and is definitely not any different from most other countries.Integrating Information technology in all aspects of the medical care provisions chain seems to be main objective of Health informatics program.

Different professionals complemented the HI lecturers to provide insight on how technology can be useful to nurses,doctors,pharmacists ,researchers,biomedical experts and the role of  Health informaticians in a typical medical project.What made it interesting was the engaging lectures and assignments and ….I have to admit by the end of the course..slightly over five weeks i had a more clear picture about what i had signed up for….health informatics.

Analysis of some health informatics on going projects and their presentation at the end of course seminar by different groups of students.  Provided in depth understanding of medical systems in range of  countries around the globe and innovative improvements to these projects using better technological systems.

Interested in technology and Health

The HI program at Karolinska Institutet is a mixture of  students from medical and technology fields who have a common passion for improving on the medical service and  acknowledge that Information technology is can be at the center of revolution to  medical care more efficient and reliable.

I have a background in computer science and have been fascinated by the groundbreaking transformation it has made in finance and education even in rural communities..Healthcare is one of the fields information technology can have a revolutionary impact that makes me proud to be part of health informatics team.

Official Information about the Health informatics program can be accessed at from:

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