Installationshögtid – “Teacher Installation Ceremony”

Even though the name may seem quite abstract, last Friday 17th of October a couple of us Digital Ambassadors -Olivia, Alicia and I- were lucky enough to attend the ceremony where new Professors are awarded and introduced to KI and where several prizes were granted.

Aula Medica hall while people took their seats

I have to say, we were a bit scared at first because they told us the ceremony was going to be in Swedish, and even though we are trying to improve, it is too soon to say we know what is going on. However, we had a nice book with information and it is not that hard to follow Swedish when you use words like professorer, kardiovaskulärt, neurobiologi, etc. So we decided to be brave and go, despite the possibility of going and maybe not understanding a single thing, and in the end it was completely worth it!

The ceremony started at 17:00, so around 16:30 Olivia and I got to the magnificent building Aula Medica. Once there, everything was so fancy and nice. So professional. Except one thing that made us laugh: the appetizer were hot dogs! Imagine such a building, surrounded by brilliant minds wearing their most elegant suits and dresses, enjoying a hot dog, with all its dangerous “ketchupy” consequences. However, this is one thing that has really fascinated me since I have been in Stockholm, and it is how casual things can be; how familiar and sweet Swedes tend to keep things.

So, after leaving our coats and enjoying the fancy French sider we were served, everyone started to go into the hall. The whole ceremony, even though it was a bit long, was always entertaining and inspiring. They started with precious classical music played by the Medicinska Föreningens Kammarmusikensemble. Then what they call the Procession, where all the teachers come into the room, followed by the welcome given by Karolinska Insitutet’s rector, Anders Hamsten. After this, the ceremony itself started including the “Installationstal å de nya professorernas vägnar”, where the new Professors were received including a really elaborated and sweet video of every professor explaining what they are working on and a bit of their personal background; then the recognition to all adjunct and visiting professors and in the end the “Prisutdelning”, which means the awards ceremony where different prizes were given such as “Mottagara av Karolinska Insitutets Stora Silvermedalj 2014”.

Between these different parts there were incredible acts performed by several artists including a piano and a guitar solo. In addition, The Real Group performed, which is a vocal group from Sweden. I honestly had never heard about it, but Olivia, Alicia and I were impressed by how entertaining they were.

To end, and as an apology for not mentioning one by one all the brilliant professors and researchers that were there during that evening, I would like to thank and congratulate them all. Thank them for being such an inspiration. I knew Karolinska Insitutet was an international place, for example in the Toxicology Master almost every student is from a different country from around the world. However, all those professors have normally been in several countries before Sweden, getting to know different cultural and academic organizations but in the end deciding to come to Sweden for good. Taking this into account, Sweden, and specially Karolinska Institutet, has to have something that makes people want to come and not leave. All of these professors and researchers, all these brilliant minds, are one of the things that make people like me want to come and discover this stimulating atmosphere. I hope all the other reasons to why to come to KI are unraveled and presented, at least up to some extent, through these blogs.

PS: If you want to see more pictures and videos about the ceremony you can see them on Instagram by searching #kiglobal

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