Study facilities at KI

Hello everyone!

It’s been already two months since our programme started and right now all the Tox Students are almost in the middle of the Target Organ Toxicity course. Contrary to the first introductory course, this one is based mostly on group and individual work. We are expected to solve medical problems connected to certain body organs, such as heart and liver. Evaluation of our work is based both on a written report and the presentation that has to be given in front of another group and one of the tutors. Between the group projects our knowledge is also assessed by short tests that aim to make sure all the students have basic information on the topics such as genotoxicity or liver toxicology. All of these activities require reasonable amount of time spent working together, and since all of us live in a different districts of Stockholm, most of the students decide to stay at the campus and do their work right there. How can you work together without losing your time on commuting from KI to someone’s place then? KI’s study facilties help you to overcome this problem:

  • In the IMM building (Institutet för miljömedicin – The Institute of Environmental Medicine), where we have our lectures, we are provided with a separate computer room. In this room you can not only search for some information on the Internet, but also print any relevant data thay may be important for you. Additionally, you also have access to many medical textbooks that you can use while being there and, if you are overwhelmed by the number of details you have to know for the next project or just feel tired, there is always a coffee machine and a kettle next to the computer room where you can have a free tea and coffee.
  • Since all the computers at IMM tend to be occupied quite often, we have to look for another place to do our group project. There are plenty of study rooms available in the library, but you should remember to book them beforehand as those may be occupied regularly as well. The study rooms consist of a computer, whiteboard and projector so that you don’t need to gather around the small screen to see the details of your work.
Intensive work in the study room in the library 🙂
Secretary of the group writing down our ideas.
  • In case all the study rooms in the library are booked, you can always use computer rooms situated in the main building of KI Solna Campus. You can access them using your KI card; these are bigger though and are available for students without booking, therefore shouting at your group members is not recommended there.
  • If you’re in a hopeless situation that there’s no computer room available, you can always bring your own notebook, because both IMM and KI main building are covered by free Wi-Fi Internet. It’s enough to know your login details handed to you during the registration process.

Now, when you finally can work on your project, it’s time for me to sign off.


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