Stockholm at first sight: Chronicles of a First Timer

With more than a month of stay in Stockholm, i seem i can qualify myself to provide an insight of my impressions of the city.Popularly known as the capital of Scandinavia. Was it love at first sight? am yet to decide on that.  But travelling from the center of Africa to Stockholm,i always expected an initial rough ride,but it has been rather surprised by easy of adaptation curve i have undergone at least before the dreaded Swedish winter starts.The first annoyance was Google directing me to Swedish web pages automatically and translating pages or looking out for engleska all the time… have learnt to leave with that nevertheless. And an expensive cost of living compared to Uganda was immediate shocker.

Picturesque old city

The architecture is a mixture of new and old structures. With more modern buildings in most parts of the City. But ancient structures stretching hundreds of years remain a sizable proportion of it. It is in the ‘old quarter’ where i enjoy most. It seems like walking back in history. The artistic impressions of the structures and sculptures, are a photo opportunity i always find jaw dropping…Most historical houses  in Gamla Stan include museums,palaces and lots of cafes.

Palace Guard


Modernity meets Tranquility                  

My first sight from the air of Stockholm was a spectacular natural settings straddled with water and on ground i was not disappointed,Swedish love for nature cannot escape the  eye throughout Stockholm .Green parks dotted throughout the city,uncharacteristic of most modern cities currently.The city’s beautiful parks and their environmentally friendly policies and practices. Recycling bins, bike trails, and eco-friendly products were everywhere. Stockholm and it suburbs provide a perfect definition of a beautiful city.


Efficient and ‘Affordable’ Transport

Public transport seems to work efficiently fine. With buses,boats,trams and train system working on time and clean up to now. The maze of lines for metro was initially overwhelming blue,green and red,bus numbers and colors which seemed infinite. Determining the shortest possible routes to use was quite a task…until decided to try all and interpreted the mapping system of the metro system. The underground integrates fantastic artistic drawings.Biking is still trendy in Stockholm,took a while to get familiar to the cycling lanes

Stockholm metro system
Stockholm metro system
Stockholm Street
Stockholm Street

More than just the meatballs

I took up the new food flavors with lots of reluctance but the meatballs have been great. After a few food poison bouts in the initial weeks, a typical reaction to alien food. I seem to have physiologically adjusted  to the Stockholm flavors. Purchasing foodstuffs is  always been a challenge. Most menus and food markings are in Swedish,typically pictorial representations  and Google  translator always came to my rescue when  making purchases though it is not strange to buy totally different things from what you intended..

 ‘Fika’ land

‘Fika’ is the magic word in Sweden,it is a uniquely Swedish tradition which initially seemed strange to me at first, never being a coffee fun,. I could not  understand why every meeting, discussion has to include fika breaks periodically.The ages old phrase ‘when you go to Rome do what the Romans do’ came to my aid ….. but I have now adjusted to it and actually look forward to the short social breaks throughout the day.

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