Why everyone is talking about thesis?

Thorildsplan station
Thorildsplan station

I know, we are becoming annoying with the thesis topic. But is part of being grown-up, being second years. First, you complain about not having idea about your topic and later you say that your thesis is absorbing all your energy and you do not have time or mood to write posts and those things.

Once upon a time I had a thesis topic and a supervisor but such is life and I had to drop it, especially because it was related with my country and somebody else (actually two people) are already researching on that topic.

After that drawback I thought in other ideas related with Colombia that I had to abandon. I asked for suggestions or topics of interest from current research groups at KI without results. But I still want to work in something related to Health Policy (my favorite course, so far). I brought some ideas from Colombia and I was considering them. I realized that one of them could make not very happy some part of the Pharmaceutical Industry and actually it had not really a clear outcome. And, as Göran Tompson told me in one class: “Do not fight with pharmaceutical industry”. Especially because I want to work again in that sector.

Other topic ideas were related with the field my sister is expert in. But she knows about it in the aeronautics field. It also has to do with systems complexity and interfaces human-system. And you will see some of this in our Policy course (and maybe something else in Management)

But my mind does not keep quiet or steady and she (yes, is a she) keep thinking in new ideas. One of my favorite topics for many years has been human communication. These includes how to give a speech, how to write, how to prepare a Power Point file and how to manage mass communications among many other topics. And I had another idea about mass media, Health authorities and conveying messages during health crisis, outbreaks, etc.

Laura seems very relaxed, in her post, about this thesis thing, and maybe other people are also calmed. I look very frantic but I think I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it is not the train, my friends. Maybe this is a quite insane post but that is my current life (and delivering final assignments and presentations in the Advanced course in Health Economy).

But although I wrote not really clear ideas here, writing helps me to clarify my thoughts and discard some useless stuff that has been hanging on my notes.

Åkeeshov station
Non vialoence. Åkeeshov station, T-Bana

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