A Day Trip to Drottningholm Palace


Did you solve the puzzle I gave you in my first post? For those who are familiar with this place, it is Drottningholm Palace. For those who have no clue, you may want to read this post and plan a day trip as well!

On August 24th, my friends and I went to Drottningholm Palace, one of the-must-go places in Stockholm. It is the first castle I visit in Sweden, so it still remains fresh in my memory. I’d like to share with you the beautiful scenery there and you could make a day trip in the future!

A few miles away from the palace, we could see it from the bus window. As the most well-preserved royal castle in Sweden, it is not as luxury as I thought (I imagined a golden-top). On the contrary, it is grand and modest at the first sight. There was water surrounding it from the 


Then we entered the main building, realising that we had to pay for the entrance fee for the Chinese Pavilion and Museum de Vries. Since I didn’t have the student card at that time, I would visit them next time paying a student fee (90 SEK).

After walking through the main building, we went to the magnificent palace garden. I loved the garden better than any other. It was actually the size of a park, with endless green, a fountain and a lake.


 There were people wandering around, playing with their dogs and tourists like us taking photos everywhere. Beside the lake we found perhaps the fattest wild swan in Stockholm! When he (I guess it is a ‘he’) walked towards us, we were even scared that he would peck us. However he was too fat and lazy to even chase after us, so I took many photos of him.


The garden was too large to walk through, as we spent more than two hours to walk around half of the area. If you planned to go there, consider the time you would spend just in walking!


Finally, for those who are interested, I would quote the basic information about Drottningholm Palace from Wikipedia — ‘The Drottningholm Palace is the private residence of the Swedish royal family. It is located in Drottningholm and built on the island Lovön. It was originally built in the late 16th century. It served as a residence of the Swedish royal court for most of the 18th century. Apart from being the private residence of the Swedish royal family, the palace is a popular tourist attraction’.


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