10 tips from my first month in Stockholm

Here are 10 lessons about Stockholm from a South African Global Health student that you may not find in a travel guide.

  1. Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to.


As corny as this sounds I think it is almost impossible to think of a city with more art, museums and amazing landscapes.

  1. Don’t talk to Swedes on public transport, they don’t like it!


First rule of public transport is that you should not make eye contact. Pretending that your cell phone is the most interesting device in the world is a must.

  1. Doors are challenging! 


This comment may make me seem a bit simple but opening doors in Sweden remains a huge daily challenge for me. I always seem to underestimate how heavy the doors are and usually spend a good 5 minutes pushing and pulling at the door handle like a mad woman.

  1. It can start raining at any time.


Always carry a raincoat or umbrella…seriously.

  1. Hold on to the rails when the bus or train start moving or stops.


To be safe I would recommend holding on to something or someone the whole time to avoid the shame of falling over.

  1. Fika is the best Swedish concept EVER

second breakfast fika

Many previous bloggers have written about the enjoys of fika. I would rate it as one of Sweden’s top inventions.

  1. Good walking shoes are essential.

take a nap right here

This is the best piece of advice that I received before I moved to Stockholm.

  1. You don’t drink coffee? Well you do now… Welcome to Sweden!


Is it time for another coffee break yet?

  1. Life in Stockholm is expensive.


Very expensive but keep an eye open for free events and student discounts.

10. Join the student union.

go on - student union

Medicinska Foreningen (the student union) organises great events throughout the year and run the Friday pub.

If you have any additional tips please comment below or send an email to caitlin.longman@stud.ki.se

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