KI Sport Day 2014

So yesterday, 1 October 2014 was the day for KI Sport Day! Several days previously, we received an e-mail from our student union, Medicinska Föreningen (MF) regarding the sport day. In this sport day, we were meant to be free from classes to participate in various sport activities that were offered by the student union (how nice is that!). The sport activities offered included:

  1. Football
  2. Climbing
  3. Water polo
  4. Golf
  5. Running
  6. Badminton
  7. Basketball
  8. Volleyball
  9. Gym

Some of these activities are free, while for the others, you were required to pay a small amount of fee. I personally am considered myself as not that ‘sporty’, to be honest. I was never part of any sport team, (almost) never do any physical activity on a regular basis, and during high school, it was a miracle that I could pass all the P.E. (Physical Education) examinations. Perhaps the only activity that could be considered ‘sporty’ for me is watching the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Europa League? 😀 😀 😀 (I really wish I could watch one of the UEFA Europa League’s matches live while I’m here in Europe! I have no idea yet though how much it will cost… :-/ )

But anyway, I didn’t know what happened to me yesterday, so despite all of my un-sporty-ness previously, I told myself that I would like to participate on KI Sport Day! There were 2 activities that I was most interested in. The first was running, and the second was badminton. Running because I like to run from the reality I think it was easy (although of course it’s not effortless). And badminton because, well… because I have brought my badminton racket here (as suggested by one of my colleagues from Indonesia). But in the end, I decided to run only.

My friend and I went to Hagaparken through the gate closest to Karolinska Sjukhuset (Karolinska University Hospital). We saw no one from KI there, but perhaps it was because we were a little bit late? Or perhaps it was because it was not the gate mentioned in the e-mail as the meeting point? 😛 We had no idea, but we ran anyway. Hagaparken was a really, really beautiful place. The first time I came here to have the Public Health Sciences Section BBQ it was all green. But now it’s started changing colors which makes it even more beautiful!

In the evening, I went to Eriksdalsbaldet to watch my friend having his first water polo session! 😀 I myself never watched it before so I asked the contact person from MF if it was okay for me to watch and she said yes! So I also went there to watch the water polo session 🙂

Water Polo Session for KI Sport Day 2014
Water Polo Session for KI Sport Day 2014

I also talked to one of my public health sciences friends, about his KI Sport Day. Apparently, he and some of our classmates participated in yesterday’s football sessions. There were 15 male teams and 4 female teams participated. Each team consisted of 5 players and they played 4 matches that lasted for 7 minutes. Unfortunately, our public health team did not win, but certainly it doesn’t matter because they all had fun! 😀 (all photos of football session here belong to Anwarul Quadir of Public Health Sciences – Health Economics, Policy, and Management 2014)

Thank you very much, MF’s Sports Committee for providing such experiences for us! 🙂

Until next post! 😀

2 thoughts on “KI Sport Day 2014

  1. Nice blog, Alicia! I was gutted not to have joined for the Sports day – I’ve been ill 😦 but it’s a great offer and I hope we get more chances – I’m defo up for Badminton!! I hope you are keeping well and keep running (from reality 😉 hehehe xoxox

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