Who am I, where I am from, why here???

Hej (=Hello)!

My name is Befikadu. A new KI digital ambassador for the master of public health sciences program (Health Economics, Policy and Management truck). I am a Pharmacist by profession, came from Ethiopia, East Africa. Is there anyone who do not know Ethiopia? Ok, no problem! come on! Just let me give you two important phrases that would help you either to remember or google (1.cradle of human origins; 2. Thirteen (13) months of sunshine).

I used to hear rarely about negative temperature and snow in the TV. I was informed about my success to be a student at KI in the warmest season of Ethiopia (EXTREMELY EXCITING!!). After hearing the news, I shivered for days; first because of happiness and then feeling the cold weather from Stockholm(hahaha…). However, when I arrive Stockholm in August, the weather was very comfortable that I have been wandering the beautiful city wearing light clothing.

The main reasons why I am here as digital ambassador are two. First, to write about my personal experiences as a student at KI; second, to talk with and respond to the queries of prospective students. I found both KI, my wonderful classmates and Stockholm so special. Thus, there are plenty of things to talk about. I hope to benefit from the potential widest networking, friendship and interaction I would have.

What is expected of you? Just try to get time to check my posts at least once a week. After reading, everyone is most welcome to comment, like, ask or simply contact (befikadu.wubishet@stud.ki.se; facebook.com/befikadul). I hope to reach you every Monday morning (Swedish time) but when it is necessary I may not keep this schedule. The best thing you can do not to miss my posts and/or that of other digital ambassadors is just to like the facebook page ‘prospective students at Karolinska Institutet’ and be sure you will get a notification for each post.

This is all for today. See you in a couple of days (sorry, I can’t wait till Monday!!)


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