A Glimpse of Introduction to Public Health Sciences (2014)

Hi everyone! I’m Alicia Nevriana, a first year student in Master’s Program in Public Health Sciences Track Epidemiology and one of your new digital ambassadors. I’m from Indonesia, a hot, humid, and tropical country in Asia, so when I first came to Sweden last August, my first thought was, ‘What kind of summer is this?? It’s cold!!’ (Apparently I arrived after the peak of summer in Sweden so the temperature had started to drop 😀 )

A lot of things have happened during my first month here, including the (almost) completion of my first course here: Introduction to Public Health Sciences. So here at KI (as many of you might have probably known), we have this ‘block’ system (apologize for not being able to find better term), when you generally will be enrolled in one course at a time, and your next course will be started after you finish your current course.

In this particular course, students from epidemiology (EPI) and health economics, policy, and management track (HEPM) are enrolled together. There are 68 of us and it’s a really good chance to meet my fellows from different track, actually, because after this course, we will both have our own courses (except for that one course in 3rd semester, if I’m not mistaken).

By the time I write this post, we’re in our last week of this course. I can’t believe we almost finish our first course here at KI! Time flies really fast. For me, it’s been a really interesting 4 weeks, actually. We started our first week with gathering coffees the lectures on basic principles of public health sciences and epidemiology and followed by some lectures on health economics and management during the second week. In addition to those lectures, we also had several lectures on various health topics, including the one I’m interested in the most: injury 🙂 There was also one session during this course that we took together with our friends from Master’s Program in Global Health (Global Health Overview session with Professor Hans Rosling).

We also had a group assignment for this course, in which we compared the health situation between countries around the world. My group had just had the presentation today and I felt really, really relieved that we made it! (Huge thanks, group 5! :D) It was also really interesting to look at other groups’ presentations because it made me feel like I was traveling around the world! 😀

But as wise men say, ‘every beginning has an end’ and this course will be ended by a final exam this Friday! I really hope all 68 of us will pass the exam (or maybe pass it with distinction, who knows? 😉 ), so please wish us luck! 🙂

Until next post! 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Introduction to Public Health Sciences (2014)

  1. So enjoyable to read your first post here, and I’m very glad I’ll have the opportunity to meet you in person! Good luck with the exam this week; I look forward to reading more! 🙂

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