Hello Digital World!

Hello hello!

First things first, my name is Jessica de Loma, a new Digital Ambassador at Karolinska Institutet. I am a student from the Global Master’s Programme in Toxicology for these two following years (2014-2016). I come from Valencia, a wonderful city in Spain, and this is the first time I am actually living outside my home town (exciting!).

The idea of this first post is to introduce myself and explain what my goals are as a new digital ambassador. In the first place, I come from an European country so I am aware that many of the readers are seeking for help as international students from outside the EU. However, as a Toxicology student, and taking into account that next year will be the first time first and second-year Toxicology students meet together, my idea is to show the inside of this program even before new students get here. I will try to post information about all the courses that are given during the program focussing on a real-life perspective. As a new student at Karolinska Institutet, I will try to make the welcoming here a bit more smoother for future students next year, giving information and advice about how to survive the first month full of paperwork and queueing. And at last, as a foreigner in Stockholm, I will post information about fun activities, what to do and see, the differences in culture and how someone might feel in a new country far from home. Overall, all students new and “old” feel free to contact me if someone needs help or just because!

To end, I thought it would be nice to present my wonderful new Toxicology family. I am sure you will read more about them through my blogs! The picture was taken in front of the Institutet för Miljömedicin (Institute of Environmental Medicine), where all the Toxicology classes take part.


I will sign off for now, but you will hear from me again soon!





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