A Month in Stockholm…

Today it is officially a month since I have been back to Sweden. The start of the semester has been a busy one but all I can say that it is good to be back! I was helping out at the kick-off for the Biomedicine, Bioentrepreneurship and Toxicology students and it was great pleasure meeting the new students.

I had also attended the Amphioxgasque dinner. This event is mainly to welcome the new first year students to Karolinska Institute. After the sittning, there is the after-party that more people can attend. This was my first sittning and I truly enjoyed it. I recommend that students attend at least one MF dinner in your study at Karolinska, as it is an experience of its own, involving interesting performances and Swedish drinking songs. However, do remember to buy you tickets quick as they sell out really fast.

Dinner at Amphioxgasque
Dinner at Amphioxgasque

The weather, as usual, has always been the talk of the town in Stockholm. It was amazing at the start of September but has just taken a turn back to being cold again. It might be a sign that I may be getting busier at lab. I have started my second project in my Masters’ Programme at Cancer Centre Karolinska at the Karolinska Hospital. I will be working there for approximately the next 3 months.

When it was sunny and warm!!!!
When it was sunny and warm!!!!

Fog and Rain :(
Fog and Rain 😦

I truly apologize for low blogging frequency the past month but I will blog more these weeks about various conferences, my lab experience and information about the various courses I will be taking this semester. Once again, welcome to the new students and hope Sweden has been treating you well this past month!


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