Biggest Life Science Career Fair at KI: it is finally happening!

In today’s world even studying with good grades in one of the best medical universities in the world does not guarantee you a quick start of your career. Why? Because there is a gap between university walls and walls of the companies: students are not aware of what expected of them “out there” and companies simply cannot monitor profiles of all graduates to pick up talents they need. But the “wind of change” is already here and it has its name – CHASE.


What is CHASEchase logo

CHASE (Careers in Health and Science Exposition) project was started in March’14 with ambition to raise awareness among all young professionals in the Life Science industry about what has to be done today in order to shape your career for tomorrow, thereby making your skill set appealing to your dream company/employer.

CHaSE is a volunteer student initiative with the aim of creating a unique and interactive career fair for all students in the field of Life Sciences, including bachelor, master, PhD students, Postdocs, medical doctors, dentists, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, etc. The project was initiated by the Business Committee within the Student Union (Mediciniska Föreningen) and actively supported by Karolinska Institutet. After announcing the project, the Business Committee launched a selection process for the project leader position and consequently for project members positions. Today, CHASE project is up and running thanks to the hard work of Tiago Pinheiro, the project leader, and 11 highly motivated project members.

To have a sneak pick on what students can expect from the event, I met up and talked with Tiago.

Tiago, why have you decided to do this?

Tiago: My main motivation is to do something special when it comes to career fairs for students and professionals in Life Sciences, in terms of having exhibitors for every target group in one single career fair, keeping in mind opportunities for those seeking alternative careers. And even more, our ambition is to create a brand that will sell itself easily in the coming years attracting more and more companies and students to attend, which will increasingly benefit all involved parties.

What would you like to achieve with this event?

Tiago: I really would like to make students aware about all the opportunities that exist out there. As it often happens in Life Sciences, everyone is aware about the opportunity to have an academic career by becoming a PhD, then post-doc and so on. This career path is very time-consuming and at the end not everyone will become renowned scientists and professors. Thus, after all these years people still won’t reach their goals and aspirations. We want to show other alternative paths of building your career which may be more rewarding than the traditional path.

How will you make this event unique?

Tiago: We work especially hard with user experience concept to have more interactive and open environment during the day. Open communication environment between companies representatives and students is vital for both parties.

When can we expect some news on the agenda during the day?

Tiago: More announcements will come in October, so stay tuned and follow the news on our website, Twitter  and Facebook page. The exhibitors are free access to everyone 10:00-17:00, while the workshops and company presentations will require free registration.

I left this meeting inspired and happy. Exciting times! I wish we had this event in place already two years ago, when my classmates and I were trying to figure out what we would like to do and in which companies. Stay tuned to know more; next time we will talk about participating companies, activities during the day and what is the best way to prepare yourself to grasp most opportunities presented throughout the day.


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