Karolinska Student Gym

Have you ever wondered where the gym is in Karolinska? Well here it is! I for one wandered aimlessly around Solna looking for the gym as I couldn’t quite grasp that KI ‘Huddinge’ was so far away 😀 silly I know but I learned that Karolinska campus in Solna has no gym available for students, the only student gym, also known as ‘Zander’ gym is in the campus of Karolinska Huddinge.

I have created a little Vlog showing just what it looks like below. In regards to getting to the gym, there is a Solna- Huddinge commuter bus which disembarks from KI Solna next to the Nobel Forum- right at the main entrance the KI and the bus will leave you off right outside Nobel Alle 8 which is the library at KI Huddinge. From here you walk to Alfred Nobels allé 23, this is on the same road which the bus will drop you off on and to the left of the library building- quite easy to walk to about 5 minutes. The gym is on the first floor in the Physiotherapy Section.

Here is a link for more info

Meanwhile enjoy the Vlog


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