Back to the normal life

IMG_4585DPLife has returned to normality as well as the city. Even the unexpected temperature of this morning, 1ºC, is part of that unexpected normality of the weather. An also of the, maybe, inaccurate weather reporting and forecasting.

Thesis became an issue very early. All my classmates are working on their thesis projects, identifying options, writing draft research proposals or even making them something concrete. I had thesis topic for three days. I talked with possible supervisors and we agree I needed to do many things, among them getting more information from Colombia (where the case under study happened). But my pre research showed that at least two people are working on the topic I proposed, almost from the same point of view. Now I am looking for a more international perspective in the same topic, as somebody in my country suggested. I also need to confirm that my supervisor is interested in this approach.

First year students are already having their first course and I had the opportunity to meet many of them. Their eyes are full of hope as ours were one year ago and they have also some concerns of how to succeed in the exams and evaluations. One of them, from Economy and policy track in Public Health asked me on that. I wrote an email to one of them and I copy part of it here to show you what do I think about how getting high grades. So, if you are new and have the same concern, maybe this will confuse you more 🙂

Q: “…Please let me know the ways to learn to pass the exams.”

R: I think there is no a simple answer to that question. Every course has a different evaluation method, different teacher, and different matter and also every student skills and abilities are different as well as study techniques.

And yes, sometimes you need to read a lot but there is not much to do with that. Your main concern now should be the introduction course. The handouts or presentations give you the topics you need to study and understand. Maybe they are not clearly explained in the slides but it is a good beginning. You will have (or already have) a dummy test. The exam will have exactly the same structure but longer. It is also possible you have some of the same questions.

For the other courses you need to have analyzing, summarizing, writing, workgroup, presentation, source finding and some other skills. But if you are at KI you already have enough of many of them. The other, you are here to learn them, actually 🙂

And that is my final advice: do not worry that much for the other courses. Keep your mind in the current one and be sure what is expected from you. That is the best way to pass the exams with the best grades.

PS: I learnt that new Digital Ambassadors have been chosen. Hope our work on this pages during the last months have been an inspiration for them.

PS2: Part of my normal life is going around taking pictures. Autumn is here and wonderful colors are expecting to be captured in a photograph. You could have seen some of them on Instagram. Here are some more.

IMG_4607DP IMG_4611DP IMG_4651DP.


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