Karolinska Master Students – Face of “Digital Health Days 2014”

On 25-26th of August Stockholm hosted one of the most innovative conferences of the year – Digital Health Days 2014 (DHD 2014) – which aims at establishing Stockholm as one of the leading hubs for Digital Health. The conference was arranged for the first time last year and turned out to be a success due to combining inspirational key-note speeches from Digital Health pioneers with interactive workshops and networking opportunities for actors of different professions: ICT specialists, politicians, healthcare professionals, designers and entrepreneurs, representatives of pharmaceutical and medtech companies. Though being quite young, DHD 2014 was visited by 600 participants over the course of 2 days.

Earlier Daniel Yen shared his experience of volunteering for DHD 2014 in his post “Digital Health Days – recap, experiences, lessons“. What I would like to add to Daniel’s post is to highlight a remarkable contribution that master students from Karolinska, Stockholm University and KTH did for the conference. These students were more than volunteers, they were ambassadors of the conferences making sure that social media stream was running, statements made by participants from different sessions were well-documented and all visitors knew from whom they could get help regarding any question. Moreover, all student ambassadors had a chance to network with conference participants, learn from them and share their ideas. Who knows, may be next year some of the students will participate as a Digital Health entrepreneur or exhibit together with one of the established companies?

So, meet the team – Face of DHD 2015: 16 student ambassadors, where 12 of them were master students from Global Master Programs in Health Informatics and Bioentreprenership, Karolinska Institute.

Team of Digital Health Students :)
Team of Digital Health Students together with Ylva Williams, CEO of Stockholm Science City Foundation (on the right)

Great work, guys! And a very good way to get updated on the latest innovations in Life Science Industry.

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