A few lines to welcome the new students! I had the chance to attend part of the introduction days for new Master students and I was really happy of seeing all of you starting this exciting adventure. I can not really believe how fast my first year is gone. I also could meet some of the students I  exchange email messages with. It is nice to “give a face” to those names. And now I know new faces I need to match with their names.

Today we, three digital ambassadors that were there, received many questions about expectations and concerns and I acknowledge answering all of them would had take several hours and even after that many new questions would be wrtitten on the board.

Maybe you will see me in one corridor during the following weeks. If you have any additional question or only want to say “Hi” I will be happy to talk with you. For the public Health people, Laura and me will be in your class room for 15 minutes answering questions and providing advice, if we can.

And do not forget, you can always write to my email: mauricio.duque.arrubla@stud.ki.se

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. It’s also nice for us the new students to finally see the ambassadors in person 🙂 the introduction days have been wonderful. Thanks for making our journey to KI somewhat smoother 🙂

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