Internships Within Bioentrepreneurship

I know before I began my course that I wondered about the internship experience within this master programme. How long is it? Where can I work? Is it limited? These were all questions which went through my mind and I was confused and worried all at the same time!

Sometimes job hunting can feel like a chess game..

The opportunity of an internship was certainly a huge draw for me and an important way to gain valuable experience before graduating. This I know far too well as my Bachelor course of which I spent 4 long years working in education was reduced to little true value once I graduated and began job hunting because I didn’t have the ‘work experience’. I found it very difficult to find a job with which I knew I had the capacity and capabilities, but it seems if you do not have the work experience you do not have the job. Hence why this course appealed to me so much. Thus I decided to create a Vlog about this subject matter within my master Bioentrepreneurship and explain a little of each of the 3 internships!

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