Year 2 – Summer activities and ambitions

I haven’t been active in the summer, but my internship has ended and I’m back in lovely Stockholm. This gives me two things: a tiny bit of free time and motivation. So, with those two things in mind…

I, Daniel Yen, do solemnly vow to…

1) Make blog posts every Monday.

– I’m on of those people that thrives from having everything scheduled. So my goal is to put in a post every Monday at 7:45 AM (CEST) – even if I am buried under three mountains worth of work. Hold me accountable.

2) Set up my thesis preparations by November.

– I really want to find something I enjoy doing and will further direct my career. I started searching in the summer, and now I need to narrow down my choices and finalize a research proposal.  As a side note, I would really like to do something that can be published.

Even though I’ve only been back 4 days, there are a lot of things planned: dance performances, career fairs, conferences, student union activities, inter-university networks, and etc. So stay tuned, and expect those weekly updates!

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