Introduction Week- How to get there

***EDIT*** The intro week will actually be in the Aula Medica which I have been informed is as a result of ongoing maintenance in the Library building. Thus this video in the very beginning shows where this is! The big huge crystal like building, which is even easier to find! ***

I know myself last year, I was very fortunate coming from PAX that the bus 507 dropped me to KI, however I did not know where KI actually was having never been, and given my lack of time planning I was nervous about being late. Luckily, I quite literally followed a group of obvious KI students to the library and ultimately the introduction week! So given my overall awkwardness, I felt it important that other students not have to endure as I have and so have laid out a video of where the Intro week, in the Karolinska (Solna campus) will kick off for those new students! This video end location of KI does not include the 3 day language course which is located close to the metro stop ‘Odenplan’ on the green line ( If it is the same location as last year that is). This is for the final two days!

I hope this video is helpful.. I understand I ramble and maybe the audio could be louder- any clarification please feel free to email, for this or any other questions you may have.

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