A new road approaches

IMG_3034DPThis is the “after summer” mood. So it feels!

Formally, the summer is still here but Stockholm has almost returned to the state I met her (except the metro schedules), the sun has gone and the temperature is lower than one week ago and as Laura said, I already started to check schedule for my following course.

This is also the end of my first year and I noticed changes in some things in this city. Maybe I am noticing changes because, actually, I am the one who has changed. Or because I have spent 1 year here and I have had time to see details I missed last year or the first time I was here, three years ago. Maybe the changes were seasonal and I should start seeing the reality going back to the state I knew it. Or, maybe, because those changes actually happened.

But for you, the important people in this time of the year, these are your first days in this city or you are packaging to fly very very soon. I tried to bring back memories from my first days at KI looking for useful information to share with you.

  • If you can, do not miss the intensive Swedish courses. Actually they were not really good but I met people from other programs I would have no chance to meet easily. And during these months and the latest Swedish course I took, some learning from that time appeared and proved their usefulness.
  • Don’t miss either the introductory days. Very handy and important information. And, also, meeting new people.
  • If you are eligible to have a personnummer (Social security number): my experience was that it is better to wait for the day that people from Skatteverket come to KI. It took two days to receive my number and for people that did not wait and requested it before (thinking it would speed up the process) it took two or three weeks. So, if you can, wait.
  • Be involved in group activities organized by Student Union or by someone else. And be participative in the student union board for your specific program. We need people with new ideas and prone to work. You will understand how KI works (in some aspects).

If I remember new interesting things, I will write them here ASAP. But, as I will be traveling to Norway, I do not know how much time I will have 🙂 In the meanwhile… Welcome!IMG_2984DP IMG_3009DP

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