End-of-year celebration

There are several signs that summer is slowly drawing to a close: I’ve already booked my flight back to Stockholm, paid the first month’s rent for my student apartment, and started looking at the second-year class schedules. It’s been a wonderful summer so far, and it all started at the beginning of June when we finished the first year of our master program. In order to celebrate the end of a great academic year, one of our classmates had the idea to meet at a boat docked at the northern edge of Södermalm. The occasion was especially wonderful because almost every classmate was able to come. There really is nothing as magical as a clear June evening in Stockholm when the sunset stretches long into the night. It was fun to dine and drink together on that cloudless evening and reminisce about the year behind us.IMG_0096

Now that two months have passed since that end-of-year celebration, I feel like I’ve had a small taste of what it will be like for most of us when we graduate next June. Though we’ve kept in sporadic touch over the summer, I miss the closeness of the daily contact we students had together at KI. So although summer has treated me very well, I’m glad that we’ll have at least one more semester to enjoy together before we part ways for good. Bring on the new school year!

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