IPHIE Day 4: Seriousness & Fun!

Although the conference was loaded with intensive meetings, lectures and group work, some time was saved for social and fun activities.

Day 4 started with a short, yet very informative lecture about some of the projects and studies that the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Informatics, Taipei Medical University was/is involved in.

After the lecture, we visited the Chung-Shan building. From the moment I entered the building, I smelt a lot of sulfur in the air. At first, I thought it might be coming from the surrounding mountains, but our guide clarified that there is a lot of sulfur underneath the building which was also one of the reasons why the Chun-Shan building is unique. The building means a lot to the Taiwanese people and to Taiwan’s modern history which earned it a place on the 100 Taiwanese Dollar note!

We were then treated with a HUGE lunch that is composed of 10 different dishes (which matched the number of the people sitting at each table according to the rule: The number of served dishes = The number of people sitting at the table!)

Hardly capable of moving (after the rich meal), we were then transported to the YangMingShan National Park where we went up to the top of one of the sulfur emitting mountains to get a whole view of the wonderful city of Taipei.


The day ended with a small tour in one of the markets and all groups agreed to continue working on the group projects that were to be presented on the next and final day of IPHIE 2014.

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