IPHIE Day 3: Experiencing the typhoon!

I heard a lot about typhoons before going to Taiwan, but I never imagined being in the middle of one before! Day 3 of the IPHIE 2014 was dedicated to group work and the original plan (before the typhoon) was that groups would meet and work in the university but because it was difficult just to go out of the hotel let alone moving from one place to the other in Taipei, the plan was changed and we all had to stay at the hotel and work on our projects.

We were divided into 6 groups. Each group contained students with different competencies and backgrounds from all the participating universities.

Since the main theme of this year’s meeting was Big Data, all the groups were given sets of data that contain anonymous information about cancer patients in Taiwan between 1998 and 2011 and the task was that the groups would come up with ideas of how to make use of such data. There were no restrictions in terms of tools to be used or how to use the given data set.

It was really a very challenging task given the amount of time allocated to it, but I think all the group members managed to work well with each other in order to produce valuable results in a short time.

I must admit that staying in the hotel for a long time during the typhoon (and feeling the hotel shaking in different directions) wasn’t that easy, but thanks for the great hospitality of the organizers (offering us food and drinks almost all the time), it all went well.

The typhoon ended safely in the evening of that day and many of us managed to go out to explore the wonderful night markets of Taipei (and also to get a break from working)

Here are some pictures from Taipei’s biggest night market (Shilin)


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