Är sommaren kort? (Is the summer short?)

I had some thoughts about holiday to write a blog post and these videos from Andrew gave me the final push :).

If you spend only fall and winter in Stockholm you did not imagine how this city changes during the summer. Not only the hours of light from the awful winter that Andrew also mentioned, but the city life and people resembles a different city. Many Swedes go for holiday during the summer and the rhythm of the city slows down, even there is special transportation schedule between June and August because there are a lot less people in the city. In my country that slowdown happens during Christmas and New Year time. For me is still strange to have that relaxing time in the middle of the year.

However the ones that remain in the city change their clothing to a more colorful and that means that the mood is also very different and more open. This summer has been something special, people say, because we have had long periods of temperatures around 30ºC. That is not really common, but has helped to have a more different city, yet.

You can find many activities in the parks or in the streets. I suppose that happens in every country with seasons, and summer is the most active period of the year. Anyway, you can find, for instance, open air and free dancing classes by 6 PM and later a get together to practice the dancing learning. Concerts of any kind of music, free or paid activities… June, July and August are plenty of things to do. It is a shame to stay indoors. Having my extra intensive Swedish course I noticed that is a nightmare to study during this time, specially of the high temperatures, but also because there is sunshine you will not have more in a couple of months.

Summer is something special in Sweden. As it is not usually warm as this, there is a saying I learned about: “Summer is an attitude”. Keeping this attitude is something that we would need in the forthcoming months. I think the next winter will be worst for me. Now I know the very light Swedish summer and in December and January I will miss it a lot. Another drop of wisdom I received about summer is that you have to enjoy the current day (carpe diem) because you do not know if tomorrow the weather will change and you will have weeks or cloudy and colder days. During this year it happened in June and I saw some light scarfs and jackets. And as the sunshine can only be today, I put this video of a song our Swedish teacher showed us: Sommaren är kort (summer is short) and its chorus says:

♪Solen kviner kanske bara idag♪ Sunshine can maybe be only today…(or so*)

*Somebody, a Swedish native speaker, told me that the translation of this short sentence is wrong, as I feared. She said that the meaning of the verse in the song should be something like “There will maybe only be sushine today…”

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