My Favourite & Least Favourite things in Stockholm

This is quite a self explanatory post all about my favourite and least favourite things in and around Stockholm! I have created this post through my Vlogs at separate times.

I must admit I have many things which I just love about Stockholm and must say that to think of the least favourite things I could not think of much. I believe that is testament to the city and I have found it so easy to live in and integrate into as a person, perhaps because of the friends I met immediately who were all in the same position as me and so that allowed me time to concentrate on the actual city experience and the pros and cons of daily life here.

Central Station at 1am.

Ultimately for me, Stockholm is one of those cities which while big and vast can feel homely and warm, maybe fika has something to do with it as well as the harsh winters but it has been an easy journey to fit into the city, which is not always so easy, at least from my experiences in other cities I have lived in. So here are my Vlogs, I hope these are helpful to understand more of Stockholm Life!

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