Greetings from Taipei!

“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now.” 

                                      Martin Luther King Jr.

This year Karolinska Institutet is taking part in International Partnership in Health Informatics Education (IPHIE) yearly Master Class that iAttendeess taking place in Taipei and hosted by Taipei Medical University between the 21st and the 25th of July 2014. The Partnership includes Universities from all over the globe which have Medical or Health Informatics master programs. During the Master Class, students who are attending/have attended those programs together with professors and faculty members meet to discuss collaboration, share ideas and experiences.

Professor Sabine Koch, together with 2 students from the Health Informatics program at KI (myself and my colleague Pernilla Jacobsson) are taking part this year (as observers).

Professor Sabine Koch presenting the Health Informatics Programme and Health Informatics Center at Professor

The first day was an introductory day that included keynotes by the professors and program directors from the universities that are participating this year.

The second day started with interesting presentations by the students followed by a description of the group work assigned to the students.


We were then given a tour of the efficient Taipei Medical University Hospital which is just few steps away from the campus.

The day ended with a very yummy Hot pot dinner that was supposed to be followed by group work which was altered because of the upcoming Typhoon.

Greetings from the hotel room where we are stranded because of the risk of  being hir by unidentified flying objects during the Typhoon 🙂

The famous skyscraper Taipei 101 (the world's second tallest building) the night before the Typhoon
The famous skyscraper Taipei 101 (the world’s second tallest building) the night before the Typhoon


Special thanks to Pernilla Jacobsson for working on this post with me!

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