Accepted 2

So, a lot has happened since I last wrote, in the beginning of summer.

I previously wrote a piece on where I was going for my masters and how important it is to follow your heart in these matters. Well I was recently also accepted to Leiden University in the Netherlands.
Leiden University is where you go for your second year exchange when you do the biomedicine bachelor at KI (if you want to do an exchange, that is). We who went had a great time there and some of us decided to apply for their masters as well.

When I got accepted I started to look into the program even closer and suddenly I felt an excitement about starting there in the fall, which I’m afraid I don’t really feel about Lund University. So even though it’s a lot more hassle and also costs money for us to go to Leiden, we actually decided to do it.

Which means I am now also in the same position as many of you – sending in official documents, looking for accomodation and finance and finding out as much as I can beforehand.

I am really happy to be excited about starting school this fall. Without that excitement it’s really difficult to get all the papers in order and finding the drive to do everything that needs to be done. Without proper motivation there’s hardly a point to start anything.

So to you moving to Sweden soon – I hope you have made the choice that excites you the most!

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