One month and a half

One month and a half. That time has passed since my last post and a week less of my holiday. While prospective students are dealing with visas, housing, scholarships and other things (I dealt with those one year ago and continue struggling with money issues) I can tell you what I have done during this time.


Different from most of my class mates, I have not traveled. Firstly I finished my long run project of pictures on the art in Stockholm the metro, although use the verb “to finish” is not that accurate. I discovered that new art is available (not included in the reference I used to identify it) and it is impossible to capture every detail in each station. I took sample pictures of the artwork and some of them, like T-Centralen, have a huge amount of diverse kind of art. You can find a map I created in google maps with part of my pictures.

I took some other pictures of animals, plants and landscapes until my camera broke. Sometimes is not really worth to invest in repairing a camera and that is especially true in this expensive country. But the good prices for cameras are not found here either.

I am also studying, and learning, Swedish. I made an ultra-intensive course at Folkuniversitetet (Not part of Swedish for immigrants program) and next week I am going to have the second level, also extra intensive. Suddenly I started to understand part of the advertising in the metro stations and some of the headlines in newspapers. It a long road, I am only starting it but it is nice to understand more Swedish now.

I followed Colombian team in the football World Cup. I am not really a football fan but it is nice to see this event.

I have walked a lot. Although the summer weather is not always warm and sunny, it is definitely better than the one we had some months ago. Some people say that Swedish summer is an attitude and not a real summer weather as known in other places. So, you need to enjoy summer no matter how cloudy it could be and do not miss any sunny and warm day. It could be the last in weeks or months.

I am trying, also, to review some materials from my first year courses. I have been not successful with that goal. But I still have 6 weeks more.

I have been working in my reading aloud podcast. I prepared episodes for all summer and now working in a very special project I have (special for me at least).

I am planning to go to Norway, maybe go to Gotland but we have not arranged it and the time flies.

I have been active in Instagram, almost all of the pictures published during these weeks in the students account are mine. Here some other taken with my phone and the old “party” camera (point-and-shot one).

DSC06716DP DSC06735DP DSC06748DP IMG_2103DP IMG_3721 IMG_3735 IMG_3753 IMG_3781 IMG_3788

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