Methods for Outcome Evaluation of Public Health Interventions

Though a few weeks have passed since the end of the spring semester, I would be remiss to neglect documenting our final course of the year, Methods for Outcome Evaluation of Public Health Interventions. As I mentioned in this post, the three epidemiology courses that precede the applied epidemiology courses we will take in the fall semester of our second year are organized around the three core areas of epidemiology. Thus, this year’s final epidemiology course focused on the assessment of the outcomes of public health programs and policies.

The first two and a half weeks of class were dedicated to lectures, which drew heavily on the epidemiological foundations provided by the previous two epi courses. One of my personal favorite lectures was given by one of our former course directors and illustrated just how difficult it can be to conduct an evaluation of Public Health interventions, here using the case of an intervention aimed at reducing iron deficiency in indigenous school children in northern Mexico.

At the end of the third week, we broke into groups and attended two of six half-day seminars on special topics. In my case, my group was assigned lectures on both suicide and chlamydia prevention in Stockholm County. Our group prepared a team paper and presentation on one of these topics and acted as an opponent for the other topic. The rest of the course was spent on this project as well as preparing for a final exam.

20140604_145051Group presentation underway

After turning in our final exam, we students stayed to attend a meeting with key leaders from our program that we had requested. This meeting allowed for a constructive discussion about possible ways to improve the program going forward. Over the past year, I have been impressed with KI’s openness with regard to student feedback. Hopefully this meeting will have been one reason that future students in our program will enjoy an even more positive experience than I have had.

P.S. Here are all of my course posts from our first year in the correct chronological order in case you missed them:

  1. Recap of Semester 1: Introduction to Public Health Sciences
  2. Recap of Semester 1: Methods for Studying the Distribution of Health
  3. Recap of Semester 1: Basic Statistics and Computer Based Analysis
  4. Recap of Semester 1: Qualitative Methods
  5. Epidemiological Methods for Studying Determinants of Health
  6. Advanced Statistics in Epidemiology
  7. Collecting and Organizing Data



2 thoughts on “Methods for Outcome Evaluation of Public Health Interventions

  1. […] Happy New Year! Though it ended in December, I want to document the last of our applied epidemiology courses, Applied Epidemiology 3 – Methods for Outcome Evaluation of Public Health Interventions. Like Applied Epidemiology 1, this course lasted for just 3.5 weeks. The course director for this course was also the course director responsible for the content of the theoretical equivalent of this course, Methods for Outcome Evaluation of Public Health Interventions. […]

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