Deer hunting: part two

Descending deeper and deeper into the heart of Stockholm, my hunt for the elusive City Deer became an obsession (or at least a fun curiosity to pass the time). Their unpredictable appearance at different locations confused and confounded me to no end. Who made them? Why deer? When did they get put up? And were they still being made and placed throughout the city? Was there a pattern that I could follow to find more?

Too many questions to be asked. But luckily, enough deer to seem to be able to answer some of them. 🙂

When walking through Vasastan just north of Odenplan, I managed to stumble across two.



Whereas the previous deer seemed to be doe’s, these ones looked more like fawns. They were breeding! Of course! That’s the only explanation for young street deer! Still yet another doe near Odenplan.


Here was another doe near Slussen.


But it looks like there’s some writing under this one…? What’s it say? “Ingen reklam tack”? Let’s google translate that..

“No advertising thanks”.

Ok. I guess there’s a message there, or something. Our street-artist seems to be a street-activist. I can dig that. What else do they want to tell us?

There were a few near St. Eriksplan. Here was one braving the rainy weather.


And this one seemed to be waiting for the buses near the Karlberg Pendeltåg station.


This guy seemed to be checking out the touristy spots near Gamla Stan.


And finally, a little guy near Mariatorget…


Looks like this doe has a message for us as well.

“Doing what you’re told”

Seems to be the same sentiment as the Andre the Giant/Obama hybrid to the left.

That was all for now. My hunt for the Urban Doe’s continues. And to those of you in Stockholm, keep your eye peeled. You never know which street sign you’ll find these guys hiding behind.

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