Glimpse in to Career Opportunities or Life “after Bioentrepreneurship”

Since 4th of June 2014 we are not master students at Bioentrepreneurship program, but young professionals looking for new challenges and opportunities, eager to find out career path and contribute to Life Science industry development.

As one of the most popular questions I receive from Prospective Students is “What are the career opportunities after graduating from Bioentrepreneurship master program”, I decided to conduct a quick survey on the matter. So here we go –> Below is exactly that precious information on what job positions my classmates hade as for 10th of June, just a week right after our graduation. SO PROUD TO SHARE! 🙂

  1. Novartis, Basel, Switzerland – Quality Assurance manager
  2. Abera (Serendipity innovations), Stockholm, Sweden  – Business developer
  3. Infant Bacterial Therapeutics, Stockholm, Sweden – Business Development Analyst
  4. Nanologica, Stockholm, Sweden – Head of Business Development
  5. Biosync Technology AB, Stockholm, Sweden – Business Development Manager
  6. Association of pharmaceutical industry in Norway, Norway – Advisor on Clinical Trials
  7. IMS Consulting Group, London, UK – Analyst
  8. Aquila Biolabs, Germany – CEO & Co-Founder, COO & Co-Founder
  9. SSIP (Swedish Incubators & Science Parks), Stockholm, Sweden – Analysis, Strategy and Business Development
  10. Bayer Business Consulting, Leverkusen, Germany – In-house Consulting
  11. Fiberstar, Minnesota, USA – Associate Director of Business Development
  12. CCS Healthcare, Sweden – Product Manager for Pharmaceutical and Dental products
  13. Biolamina, Stockholm, Sweden – Sales and Logistics Assistant.
  14. SciLife Clinic, Stockholm, Sweden – Intern

One important thing to be mentioned is that these job positions in most of the cases are the result of unique educational background combined with hard work of being involved in multiple relevant activities outside of the class, looking for jobs and going through long interview processes. Unit of Bioentrepreneurship is a good platform for getting started as it has a wide network of contacts it can provide, but at the end of the day it is up to every person to get the position.

I do believe all my classmates will have a job within next 3-4 months and I wish all of them GOOD LUCK!

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