Master thesis: Episode V – Final Presentations

It is news and now it is official – We have finished our studies at master program of Bioentrepreneurship. This is it – an end of the era 🙂  Exciting and a bit sad times: exciting because there are lots of opportunities ahead of us and sad, because a lot of classmates are leaving to different countries to work. But let’s get back to the master thesis presentations.

Two days – 26th and 27th of May – were devoted to the final presentations of master thesis projects. 24 project in total have been presented and 6 more will be presented in Autumn. 10 minutes for each presentation and 15 minutes for opposition and discussion. Wide variety of topics, geographies and approaches to conducting studies, enough for everyone to find something of particular interest.

Among topics of the presentations

  • Key defining factors promoting the birth-phase survival of  Technology – based start-ups in the German biotech industry.
  • IT system support needed for a national virtual cancer research portal in Sweden
  • Is There Potential to Increase the Number of Clinical Trials in Norway?
  • Pharma and eHealth – opportunity to support physicians in Sweden for improved patient outcomes
  • Establishing a basic form of Database Marketing for consolidating Market Data in a Diagnostics Company
  • How can collaborative ventures within the life sciences between industry and academia be evaluated?
  • Analysis of the European assay landscape for recombinant factor VIII and IX in Haemophila
  • A study on communications among small life science businesses
  • An Evaluation of Scientific Advice at the Swedish Medical Products Agency
  • Implications of the Real World Data wave on R&D Information Technology in Big Pharma
  • From innovation to commercialization – Exploration of stem cell-based therapy development for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  • Analysis of the in-vitro diagnostic technology and companies within the sector in Sweden during 1998 – 2012
  • Investigation of the factors influencing the pricing of FDA- approved orphan drugs in the United States between 2009-2014
  • Identifying potential effects and marketing arguments for implementation of web-based telepathology solutions based on the concept of CSR
  • 21st Century Biotech: Boom or Bubble?
  • Named Patient Use – Leveraging strategic alliances to facilitate early access to innovative medicines in Europe
  • Value Based Pricing of Biotechnology Drug Development Platforms
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Innovation: Moving from Batch Production to Continuous Manufacturing
  • Defining customer preferences of wearable technology for the wellness business
  • “Service quality” a qualitative study about the perception of service quality in Australian community pharmacies
  • Challenges in the Process of Defining a Business Model for a Wearable Sensor Technology Product
  • Analysis of pharmaceutical polices for adult ADHD medication in Swiss EPR countries
  • Differences in Uptake of New, Innovative Multiple Sclerosis Drugs between Swedish County Councils
  • The Evolution of the Diagnostic & Therapeutic Radiation Device Sector in Sweden

I believe these projects benefited both organizations where they have been conducted and Life Science industry as whole. And for us, they also taught us how to self-organize your work in order to be able to deliver a good result.

Congratulations to all my bright classmates on finishing this journey!!

P.S. Stay tuned for the next blog – “Life after Bioentrepreneurship or Glimpse in to Career Opportunities”

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