Vlogs Continue for Adeeb & I

The Vlogs are continuing and are so much fun I am enjoying getting creative each day and with each Vlog. I had some lunch today with the Swedish Institute, http://www.studyinsweden.se whom I also blog for and met a lovely Chinese fellow blogger for the first time. I thought it would be good to get her perspective as a Non-EU citizen on Stockholm and Sweden, quite briefly I must say as she was in a rush for work!

Also please check out Adeeb’s Vlogs as he has been doing really great and has been uploading some Vlogs all about his summer so far

Beautiful Tyresta

I have included a picture from Tyresta National Park which I must admit I have become obsessed with. It is a huge protected area of forest and lakes and is so peaceful and relaxing. It is simply so beautiful and I had the most enchanting experience, I decided to venture a little off the beaten track and ended up pretty much in the middle of the forest (probably not advisable) but I came upon a wild elk! It was so close and I was so lucky that it stayed for 5 minutes directly in-front of me, with nothing but the sound of the birds in the trees it was a beautiful experience and one I shall not forget. However I knew what I was doing and made no sudden movements and just sat by and watched, thus I could not get a picture but strangely I feel it is better that I didn’t. I have also uploaded a short Vlog on Tyresta! I hope everyone shall enjoy the Vlog continuation. Stay tuned!

Hej då

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