Why you should become a Digital Ambassador


So my time is coming to an end, these are the last few posts I will be able to post as my course is now over… I will write through the summer BUT before we get too ahead of ourselves…

I would like to encourage you all to think about becoming Digital Ambassadors. This is what I am.

Professional Picture of the Digital Ambassadors - sure you have seen it before! (its my favourite!)
Professional Picture of the Digital Ambassadors – sure you have seen it before! (its my favourite!)

You will be able to apply for this position within the first two weeks of orientation, after which they will hold interviews and two people from each course will be selected to represent their class. Click here for a brief introduction as to what a Digital Ambassador actually is.

So why would you want to write a blog about your studies (in case that is not entirely self explanatory):

1. This is going to be one of the most beautiful years of your life, you should try to document it some way or the other. Becoming a digital ambassador provides you with a platform to do this in a constructed and recognised manner. (if you dont become a digital ambassador you should really think about writing a blog)

2. As a student from a developing or middle income country, getting a visa was not an easy task, nor were the scholarship applications or really anything to do with getting here. In short I found it quite an overwhelming and challenging experience. Of course if you are from the EU these realities never touch you, so you simply do not understand the challenges. Becoming a digital ambassador means you can act as a sound board for other students facing the same problems and you can perhaps assist them in navigating their way around the red tape.

What is in it for you?

1. Meeting people: as a global health master we spent all our time with our class (which of course is beautiful) but you do tend to miss out on meeting any one else. Becoming a digital ambassador means you can meet new people from other courses. Most of whom are phenomenal human beings.

2. Amazing Lunches: Each month the digital ambassadors meet for a lunch (or a pizza night or a movie night or a farewell dinner) just to talk – to discuss what has happened, how the blogs are going and brain storm the way around potential hurdles. (good food too)

3. Additional Support: Coming to a new country and a new city and starting a new course is a daunting process, for anyone. Navigating the minefield that is university administration is difficult. As a digital ambassador you will have additional support in the form of Louise and Jenny – both of whom will do their best to help and support you finding your feet. This support should not be underestimated.

4. Online Profile: You will get an online profile, you will be able to be googled. You can begin to craft your online identity.

5. Fabulous photo shoot pictures: We had the opportunity to be photographed, professionally. These pictures were beautiful and can be used either simply as an ego boost, or for more professional profiles such as LinkedIn.

6. Opportunity to work at functions and events for money: As a Digital Ambassador you will be asked to assist at functions and events, and you will be paid for this.

7. Speaking at events, facilitating new students, being the face of KI.


Final Digital Ambassador Dinner - lovely people, lovely food.
Final Digital Ambassador Dinner – lovely people, lovely food.
Digital Ambassador pizza Night
Digital Ambassador pizza Night
Digital Ambassador Lunch!
Digital Ambassador Lunch!

Looking forward to your applications!!! (and hopefully meeting you all!)

For your interest – a few other of my fellow bloggers have written about the same thing – Read here 🙂

Phd Why you should become a Digital Ambassador 

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6 thoughts on “Why you should become a Digital Ambassador

  1. dear All,

    I am so happy to see such brilliant innovation in delivering information and inspiration through sharing as Digital Ambassador is present in Karolinska. I believe there are many of us don’t take real action because they do not know how not just because they don’t want to. Such programme you are developing helps to bridge the know-do gap for some international student striving for higher education abroad.

    I have been enjoying blogging since 2011 and up to recently my blog has around 1400 follower even though it’s in Indonesian. I am coming to Karolinska this autumn as a new student of Global Healt master programme. I am so keen to apply my self to become new member of your team. However I can only arrive in Sweden at September 1st 2014. Since it will be too late for the orientation week, how can I make this possible for me to participate in your selection process of new digital ambassadors.

    Thank you very much for your kind attention.

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Mutrifadjar – there will be information on the website about how to apply to become a digital ambassador during your first few weeks on campus, so it doesn’t matter if you won’t be there for introduction week per se. So keep a lookout 🙂 All the best from Louise, communications officer.

      1. Thank you for your prompt reply Louise.

        Anyway, I am Fadjar and Mutiara is my wife. I am using our name to name our blog which becomes Mutiarafadjar.

        Best wishes,

  2. From my challenging experience in the whole process, coupled with the value I tagged to those of Loiuse and friends I always asked them every funny questions, I have the conviction that someone has to volunteer to help the rest and this has motivated me to apply to become a digital ambassador.

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