My First Vlog!

Hi everyone, so I am Video blogging, as well as writing blogs for the summer and this is the very first of many. I, along with a classmate, Adeeb, will be posting Vlogs everyday for the entire summer (get excited) so you can keep up with everything that is happening with us as well as use these videos as a forum to get any questions you may have answered, so please follow the blogs on youtube and keep updated.

The first Vlog I have done, admittedly took some time as I am not as tech savvy as I once thought but was alot of fun to create and a bit of experience just talking to myself through a camera! But here it is,keep your questions coming,


One thought on “My First Vlog!

  1. nice one! 😀 I am from Indonesia and next year I really want to apply to karolinska!
    I think It’ll be great to be a digital ambassador, esp. I love to write in a blog 😀

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