The Almost End..

So crazy to think I moved here in August last year and now all of a sudden I am almost finished my first year! While everyone has different plans for this summer it is very nice to know that come September we shall all see each other again. So truly this summer is a little break before we descend upon Stockholm once again. Although even now I am still struggling to decide what I should do with myself! However I have learned a lot this past year and have enjoyed meeting all of my new friends, meeting so so many people from such varied cultures and backgrounds both inside and outside of the Karolinska. The most important thing for me is when you do come here, which I hope many of you reading this shall, is to have an open mind and understand that not all cultures have the saw core values and some people cannot help but express certain feelings or attitudes as a result of the environment they have grown up in.

A beautiful rainy day in Uppsala last week when we met our supervisor for our placement

THe classes and the master programme itself has been so interesting and I am so happy to have made it this far- the half way line! It has opened my mind to business aspects, product development and marketing side of the medical industry which previously I had, and I mean, literally no exposure to at all. Of course I was nervous to come here and try to study in an area I knew so little about and felt perhaps I was not smart enough to succeed. This I now know is not true, as my mother has always told me, ‘you can do anything you put your mind too’ and I am learning this truth every day.

Hej dΓ₯!

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