First year is (almost) over

IMG_3476DP And that’s it! My first year of studies is finishing next Thursday and I am already facing the summer brake. Actually I have been studying “only” 9 months without rest. Two semesters have passed and only one is pending, plus the Master Thesis one. At the beggining of this year I wrote a large email to one on my teachers in Colombia telling to him my thoughts about the studies at KI and Sweden. This not very long post is a kind of continuation of that as a summary of my main experiences in this academic year.

Workgroup, workgroup, workgroup! I never have had that amount of workgroup in my life. Especially in the second semester you will face that ways of working in Swedish education system and, I guess, in Swedish culture and tradition. Hope my team mates think I have contributed enough to those projects.

IMG_3460DPMaster thesis stress begins one year in advance. By recommendation of the 2nd year students (they already defended their thesis) you should start thinking on topics and supervisors quite early. Maybe it is too much that you should starting January of the previous year but it is important to think. Today I have no clue of what I am going to do. But if you want to have a detailed description of thesis time read this post from Caity,

Let’s continue with master thesis presentation. Second year students that defended their thesis had only 15 minutes to present their job. And have to face 45 minutes of questions, observations, comments from opponent, evaluator, thesis course coordinator and public. My perception is that the 15 initial minutes are not really hard and you can prepare a decent speech without suffering too much (during the comments and questions, in the presentations I attended to, they never provided feedback on that speech), But it has to be clear enough to support you for the rest 45 minutes that, for me, seeing form the crowd, could be challenging because you actually do not know what are they going to ask. And, of course, they focus a lot in your written work.

Team building. Our class has a couple of Swedish students that frequently suggest to “get together”, out of the academic environment. And those mingles have been really valuable. Every class group is different but those social activities create ties really strong and allow you to know personal life of the other. Don’t miss them if you can. I am not a social person but enjoyes those opportunities.

IMG_3548DPSummer is at the end of the second semester and is a really important milestone. During that semester days become longer, warmer and sunnier. You want to spend most of the time outside and the workgroups are a big obstacle to achieve that goal. And, as a Swedish friend said, you need to enjoy to good weather when you have it because it can change quickly and for the rest of the summer.

And as I have to enjoy the longer days I leave you for today. And, more or less, for the whole summer. I will be away of this channel for some time and, probably, my posts will not be really frequent. But I will be here in Sweden, trying to learn Swedish, and if you prospective students have questions or doubts I will answer them if you write to my email.


2 thoughts on “First year is (almost) over

  1. I love the way that your pictures capture how beautiful Stockholm has been now that the longer days and nicer weather have arrived. Congratulations on your hard work over this past academic year, and have a wonderful summer!

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