First Placement Update and Reflection

This is an update regarding my first placement within the Bioentrepreneurship master programme!

I am working within Kradle Life Sciences AB for my PP1 internship course in KI. I am working alongside a classmate and the project we have been working on is focused on understanding the problems and solutions to integrating Swedish Medical products in the African market successfully. The company itself is located in Uppsala, while there is a subsidiary in Nigeria, Africa where the remainder of the workforce is stationed.

As a result of this both Stefania and I have only been to Uppsala on two occasions. This meant that our work environment has been quite unstructured and the main motivation to work was between both myself and Stefania. For the first 2 weeks of our placement we had no office environment and met mostly in the Karolinska library. This was a hindrance to the workflow, at least for me, as many students and friends would sit with us or walk past and begin a conversation, which negatively affected our work and concentration.

Eventually after we had sent out an email, we were allocated space in an office environment to the company which found this internship for us, Karolinska Innovations AB. Since then we have worked from here and it has worked much better for our team dynamic and also for the interview process, which is required for the company project, as there is a conference phone in each room in the company. This has helped to call potential customers and key opinion Leaders etc to gage their perspectives and answer our questions. It has involved a lot of online research and targeting specific individuals and companies we feel can help with the project and I have found getting a response can be challenging, but as always persistence is key.

Team Kradle!

We only have another week left in the company and the time has flown by! Next week we submit our final report for our course, while also writing a report for the company separately, then we present our presentation to the class. We have opposition to both our abstract and presentation form another group and we must also submit an individual reflection, stating our thoughts and feelings regarding the entire process of the work we have done.

Overall I have enjoyed this placement a lot and it has been good for me to practice my interview skills and a way to self motivate myself and work so closely with one other student. We are actually going to continue work on our project throughout June also, as the CEO of our company liked what we had done so far and wants to make use of us for a little longer, which of course is fine as the more experience the better!

Thats all for now,

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