Academic Reflections in Health Informatics

What to say and do other than spend these last few days pushing through the seemingly endless project assignments? To be fair, I did get involved with too many other activities (graduation ceremony is on June 4th!) and get sick – so it’s not as though school is eating a disproportionate amount of my life.


So to sum up the content that I learned in the first year of health informatics:

  • What is health informatics and how it is useful
  • The roles of computers, applications and systems science in health care
  • How to design, implement, and evaluate interventions
  • A bit about HL7 (2.5 & 3), SNOMED-CT, OpenEHR, Java, and prototyping

Health informatics relies heavily on communications and interactions in all aspects: developing a system, testing, implementing, and evaluating. And in this aspect, I think the programme has done good job. We’ve had study visits to and guest lectures from imaging labs, primary care clinics, the European Center for Disease Control, electronic health record vendors, mobile applications vendors, researchers and more. We’ve been exposed to a good number of our future partners and collaborators.

I was asked to touch a little bit more about the education, and on that, my opinion still remains the same. KI is what you make of it. If you have passion (see this earlier post) this will be a great place to flourish. If you want to go on cruise control, you can do that too. The courses aren’t intellectually difficult, but do require work.


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