Feels Like Summer ☀

This is my first time in Stockholm, as you all know, for Spring and Summer. I can say that I honestly did not expect the weather to turn so extremely Australian like! Having spent almost a year living in Australia before I moved to Sweden, I must admit it gets confusing sometimes when I wake up and my room feels like a sauna, add this to the constant sunshine, soaring temperatures and the fact I now have a bike (as I did in Australia) it feels all too familiar and unexpected in this Northern country. This is not to say I am complaining, Stockholm is truly at its most beautiful when the sun is out, when the trees and flowers are in full bloom and it is bursting with life. This is either from people cycling, jogging, picnicking or swimming or by the birds in the trees and the rabbits and squirrels running around foraging for food.

About to begin my cycle through the woods

Cycling by the Water

Enjoying the Sun in Djurgården- one of my favourite places here

It is beautiful and I am loving every minute! So this I have decided is a huge advantage of living here- the extremes in weather. In Winter you are treated to pure darkness, cold, snow and rain and vice versa once Spring/Summer hits. In my opinion I really appreciate this shift, it helps me to enjoy each season more readily, as opposed to if it were constantly hot and sunny, as was the Australian situation- as I am by no means a sun person, in fact I prefer rain (Irish remember… :D). So now I am going for a cycle and a swim before I go to Karolinska for an event ‘How to be the the Best Leader Possible’ organized by a group of my friends who are Harvard Ambassadors here in KI ‘Women in Leadership’. I know how much work was put into this and I look forward to seeing this come to fruition.

Thats all for now, enjoy the weather in whatever country you may be!
Hej Då

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