Spring Exhibition 2014 at Konstfack



As a student living in a city like Stockholm, I really appreciate exhibits, concerts, and events that are inexpensive or free. One of my favorite destinations for enjoying new art over the past year has been Konstfack, the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. I really enjoyed the school’s Christmas Market, which attracts a great number of Stockholmers every year, back in December. Last week, I went with some friends to the annual Konstfack Spring Exhibition, which features the final degree projects of students graduating from all departments (Ceramics and Glass, Fine Art, Graphic Design and Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, Textiles, and Metal Design).

Because I am a master’s student myself, I’m appreciative of the thought and effort that went into these works. It’s interesting to contrast the final product of these art students with the degree project that we will hand in one year from now. In addition to the pieces on display, students were required to write an accompanying text and defend their projects. This exhibition will still be on display tomorrow from 12-4 p.m. if you want to show your support for young artists in Stockholm. You may even get a chance to speak to some of them, which was one of my favorite parts about attending. Here are some highlights of the show:20140518_14345220140518_150619

20140518_145947 20140518_145234 20140518_145054 20140518_144909 20140518_144901 20140518_143929 20140518_14375420140518_143640

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