Some Advantages of Being A Digital Ambassadör!

Yesterday all of us digital ambassadors representing each programme had our final evaluation meeting followed by a lovely dinner in a gorgeous restaurant. It was a sad moment as many close friends will not be returning to KI next year, however they shall stay in Stockholm (hopefully). The evaluation itself forced us to think of reasons why we liked being an ambassador, if we wanted to continue and also to give any feedback we could based on our experiences this past year.

In addition this morning I had a meeting with a prospective student who will be studying here in September, this is the second time I have met already submitted students and showed them around campus. Although many questions were asked one which stood out was ‘What are the advantages of becoming a digital ambassador?’particularly as the day previous this was also a hot topic, I felt I would blog a little on this.

Final evaluation..!

As a KI ambassador you are the ‘face’ of your programme both abroad and within Sweden, I didn’t realise this was so literal until I was informed my face was actually featured along with Jingru’s on the Bioentrepreneurship page of the Karolinska homepage! As an ambassador it is great to network first and foremost, a gateway to interact with people and gain a vested interest both for KI and yourself in any future capacity. This can take shape through tours, which I have been asked to give for example for some german tourists next week, where I can engage and show them around KI while also networking ( a very important skill within this MBE!). Also little extra jobs such as meeting prospective students themselves is a huge advantage for me. I love to meet new people and it is so great to see the excitement and interest in Sweden, the Karolinska and the Bioentrepreneurship programme. I like to help people (as cheesy as this sounds) and so when I hear a blog was useful or my answers really helped it makes me feel great. In addition working at conferences has been wonderful. I recently worked for a ‘Building Bridges’ conference organised by an Irish organisation ‘AHEAD’ for improvement of education within the disability field. Also when Bill Gates arrived I got a ticket immediately and all of the ambassadors were so lucky to recieve tickets which were highly desirable! However the number one thing for me is the group meetings we have every month, we have lunch or dinner together, discuss the blogs, have group activities and just have a catch up. This really incorporates a nice family atmosphere and as a result as ambassador you are almost guaranteed a close group of friends!

So maybe it is little things like this, so I would have to say, when you come to KI and if there is an ambassador spot available for your programme, take it!

That is all from me! Hope you enjoyed this post.

Hej då

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