Final banal(?) report from London

On Tuesday I’m sending in my thesis to my Swedish KI supervisor, allowing for comments of things to alter before sending in the final report!

It feels slightly surreal. I’ve only been here since January but it feels almost like I’ve always lived here. At the same time as it feels like everything has gone so fast. The human concept of time is baffling. And it plays tricks on us all the time. Time is nothing more than perception I guess.

But for me right now, time is moving really fast, and this is my last weekend in London. So if you only have a weekend in London, what will I urge you not to miss?

There are three things we just really had to do one last time before leaving:

(1) The Brick Lane market.
Full of vintage, art and food from all over the world. An excellent atmosphere and perfect for people watching. Especially nice on a sunny Sunday!!
If you’re there on a Sunday, don’t miss out on cafe 1001 when the market closes! Be sure to check out the back room.

(2) Shopping around Oxford Street.
Avoid Saturday peak hours. I prefer starting at Marble Arch, where they have pretty much the same stores as at Oxford Street station, just less people. It’s oddly empty on Sundays just when the stores open – at twelve. Probably early Saturday as well but I’ve never made it there at that time. Best is to go on Thursday evenings though when they do late night shopping. Probably more crowded now that it’s summer though.

(3) Bar-hopping/clubbing (at Clapham Common).
There’s lots of places around, suitable for all tastes and ages. Mainly Clapham Common is close to where we live which is always a big plus in London because it’s SO HUGE. We did barhopping in Shoreditch once which was also really nice, but it took 2,5 hours to get back home in the middle of the night! In London it’s typical for areas with nice bars and clubs to be centered a bit outside the city center.

I wish I would’ve had the money to go see a musical or theater or ballet as well…
But on Monday morning I’m taking the bus to Amsterdam because our housing contract ends.
However you can very often fly very cheaply to London from Stockholm, and other parts of Sweden as well, with , so I’ll be back again!

Thesis writing and London leaving music


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